Our Approach

Our Vision

The number one rule in my life is to treat everyone as I would want to be treated. That's why I only offer the utmost in customer service. You can be confident you’ll have a positive experience when you partner with me to buy, sell or invest.

Back when I was playing strong safety for UT, I had to use my instincts to cover my receivers. I would protect against the run and force turnovers to make plays.

I still have those protective instincts, except now I use them to protect the interests of my clients. And when I need to, I can still force some turnovers and make a strong play happen.

About CARE

I hold myself to a high level of customer service and I truly care about all my clients. I expect the same from the service people I refer to my clients, whether it be a HVAC repairman, mortgage lender, or roofer. My drive to surround myself with only the best providers in the community inspired me to come up with the idea for a “1-stop real estate shop” where I would only refer the vendors who had scored top marks in customer service. This group is called the Capitol Area Referral Network.

Our Story

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Thinking of taking the leap into home ownership? Ready to sell and move on? How about delving into the world of real estate investing? I can help. Call Craig Potts at (512) 586-4843. Pre-close, post-close, Potts Cares.

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